It's Time To Bloom!




The Bloom Collection boasts natural gemstones and colourful crystals to reflect the vivacious part in each of us.
The campaign emphasises on the empowerment of women and features customisable pieces that represent the motivation we have to be who we are and have self-control over our own choices and opinions.

Check My Life. My Way. to know how to customise your pieces.

2020 has been a different year for all of us. A year with hardships, holding obstacles many could not have foreseen. Through adversity we have all been gifted the chance for restoration and rebirth.
FOXY & Co. Jewellery has partnered with White Ribbon Charity to support the victims of domestic violence, so part of Bloom collection’s profits will go to
White Ribbon Charity.

Buy a piece of jewellery to support the prevention of violence against women.

Bloom means to flourish or develop into something more beautiful than previously there. Women seeking shelter after being abused at home usually lose confidence and self-esteem. We at FOXY & Co. would like to help them to bloom into what they want to be.
In order to represent all along the spectrum of beauty, FOXY & Co. chose strong everyday women who choose to be who they are in their own way to be the face of Bloom Collection.
Together we are stronger!
We also count with other businesses partnerships led by women seeking to champion the empowerment of females in society.

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Stand up, speak out and act to prevent men’s violence against women.

Donate now to help the victims of domestic violence